Bio 200/500 Credit

  • Credit/No credit or **Audit only (Audit option only available for Bio 500/500A/500S/500T only). Course may not be taken for a letter grade. Maximum 3 units per semester.

  • Students average 9-10 hours a week at the bench for 3 units of credit, or audit units. Preparation for lab, data reduction and reading requires additional time. Field-based research requires a comparable expenditure of time.

  • If a student wants to receive credit, or audited units, for fewer hours per week in lab (e.g., 6-8 hrs/wk for 2 units), this will require special permission from the mentor to verify that it will still be a useful research experience.

  • The mentor should assign a grade of Incomplete (I) if the time commitment agreed upon has not been met. This "I" can be changed to "Pass" by work the student completes after the semester is over. For students auditing the course, the mentor will assign either a grade of L (successful) or Z (unsuccessful). Please consult Ken Olsen at the earliest time any problem is perceived.

  • BIO 200/500 is a demanding experience. It should not be treated as an add-on to a full schedule. If total course load is above 16 units, consult your advisor about dropping a course or BIO 200/500. Lab work typically requires two or more big blocks of time (e.g., 4-5 hours) in lab per week, so your schedule will need to be able to accommodate this.

  • Students should begin their independent research projects at the start of the semester, which will be prior to their official registration in Bio 200/500 because of the time required to review applications.

  • Summer Research is available by enrolling in Bio 500S or Bio 200S. Credits are received in the fall semester following the summer research. The BioSURF fellowship program is separate from the Bio 200/500 research.  A student receiving the BioSURF summer stipend may only count their summer fellowship research as Biology 200S or Bio 500S if they enroll under the audit option.  Students must apply for enrollment by the summer deadline to be eligible.

  • Credit cannot be given in the Spring semester for Fall semester research.

**Students may request to perform Bio 500 research for pay instead of credit. In such cases, a student will choose the audit grade option on the Bio 500 application. Students auditing Bio 500 are expected to conduct research for the full time expected for the enrolled units. Audited units do not count towards the Biology major or graduation; however, they do count towards the six units required for Research Emphasis and Honors. Arrangements to conduct Bio 500 for pay rather than credit are at the discretion of the faculty mentor. All salary details should be discussed directly with the faculty mentor. Students cannot simultaneously receive credit and pay for the same work.