Amy and CeciliaThis is a site to help you figure out what to do with your Pages site. Once you request a site, I'm the one who gets everything set up for you.

First, pick a site color theme. This can be changed at any time. Depending what is on your page, some colors will work better than others. Keep trying new ones until you find the one that compliments your content. This theme is 'Autumn'.

Home pages seem to look better with a picture on them. It catches the viewer's eye and makes the page look a little more interesting. That is my daughter and I on the left. You can add single pictures or even have a slide show. FYI, if you want a slide show, you can only have it on the Home page.

Want a banner? This is where you add it!  A banner will stretch along the top of your front page and even on the interior pages if you want.


July 29, 2014


An Article pages a time-sensitive piece of content such as new item, press release, publication, or blog post. Articles display the date that they were posted (which can be altered) and may allow for comments.

This sidebar got here by clicking 'enable background on home page sidebar' under Site Theme Settings. You can have the sidebar on the interior pages too.

This is a great spot for adding contact information such as your email, phone number, and address:

Amy Baker
Seigle 085


You can even add a picture if you like. Another option is to have your menu bar in this 'no top menu' under Site Theme Settings. If you add the menu bar to this sidebar, you can still keep all of your other info here.

Want this sidebar to be on every page? Click the 'display this aside in the right sidebar throughout the side' button below this box.