Dr. Thomas L. Rodebaugh, Ph.D.

Dr. Rodebaugh standing near a fjord in Norway.

Dr. Thomas L. Rodebaugh, Ph.D.


Dr. Rodebaugh is a clinical psychologist with a focus on anxiety disorders in adults, particularly social anxiety disorder, as well as loneliness and social isolation. He is also interested in psychotherapy outcome and process. He has over one hundred publications, with most focusing on anxiety disorders. His research focuses on improving the assessment and treatment of anxiety, as well as increasing understanding of the factors that maintain and reduce anxiety (e.g., attention bias). He is particularly interested in the relationship between social anxiety and interpersonal processes, especially in regard to friendship and loneliness. More generally, he is interested in further evaluating and enhancing exposure treatment across the anxiety disorders.  He has a long-standing interest in the selection of appropriate statistical models (e.g., structural equation models; item response theory models; network models) for evaluating measures and testing hypotheses. His recent work has focused more on social functioning generally.

Dr. Rodebaugh’s primary clinical focus is on supervising graduate students who provide psychotherapy at the department’s Psychological Services Center. Dr. Rodebaugh provides supervision in cognitive behavioral therapy and other empirically supported treatments. He is also the Director of Clinical Training for the Clinical Program.

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