Research Scholars and Research Assistants

ARTU offers competitive positions of two kinds:

ARTU RESEARCH SCHOLAR positions are ARTU's most prestigious positions and enroll the very brightest Washington University students. These students have a distinguished research record in advanced mathematics, and have shown the greatest potential to become leading figures in their fields of study. ARTU Research Scholars have often been the recipient of University and nationwide prestigious scholarships and prizes (such as the Compton Scholar Program and the Goldwater Fellowship), have performed well in nationwide mathematics competitions (such as the Putnam), and are generally recognized by the mathematics faculty to be extremely promising.

ARTU also runs a very competitive affiliated program, ARTU RESEARCH ASSISTANT positions. These research positions are awarded to students whose mathematics background and experience is less extensive than that of those awarded Research Scholar positions, but who have previous research experience in other disciplines and whose performance in such research is deemed by the committee as very impressive. The academic records of ARTU Research Assistants are of the highest level. ARTU Research Assistants exhibit strong promise for research in mathematics.

The application process is the same for both Research Scholar and Research Assistant positions. Both are subject to the same requirements. Research Scholar positions are financially more generous by a small margin.