Membership Information

Membership in ARTU

ARTU students are the focus of the program. The program is overseen by an Executive Committee, and employs Washington University mathematics professors in a variety of research supervision and administrative roles, and a manager who handles the financial aspects of the program. The Scientific Advisor of the program is Barbara Schaal, Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences. The Executive Committee is in charge of selecting new ARTU students.


Who is eligible

Sophomores and Juniors at Washington University in St Louis. Exceptionally strong freshmen will also be considered. The program does not enroll students from other institutions. It is a small and selective program, with an enrollment of usually no more than four to five students per academic year.


To introduce and train bright undergraduate students to do research in mathematics, and in closely related disciplines.


Students in the program are supervised on projects over a period of several semesters and at least 2 summer months, by faculty members at Washington University. Most students will continue and complete a senior thesis. ARTU faculty members are leading researchers in their respective fields.

Faculty and Student Match

The Executive Committee matches student and faculty on the basis of the student's research interests. Students may also suggest a faculty mentor. Mentors need to be approved in advance by the ARTU Executive Committee.

Graduate School

Some ARTU students may be planning to pursue graduate research in pure or applied mathematics (or in subjects closely related such as physics, computer science, or engineering); however this is not a requirement. Participation in the program gives students an early exposure to research and can aid them in identifying whether research could be a career path for them.

Financial Support

Currently the program has been able to offer financial support to students, and to faculty supervisors, comparable to those offered by REU Programs during the summer research months of 2013 and 2014 (there are restrictions on which months). As of Summer 2013, the program funds ARTU Research Scholars with approximately a total stipend of $3,600 for two months, and ARTU Research Assistants with approximately a total stipend of $3,200 for two months.

Participation Certificate

At the end of your involvement in ARTU, you will receive a certificate stating your participation and how long you participated.

The certificate will state the capacity in which you participated (either as a Research Scholar or as a Research Assistant) the name of the your faculty mentor, and will be countersigned by the Executive Director, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, and ARTU's Executive Committee.

At the discretion of the Executive Committee, in consultation with your faculty mentor, you may also receive an ARTU Distinction Certificate, indicating performance of the highest caliber. Distinctions are awarded competitively to at most half of ARTU students.


Keep in Mind

The program is an extra curricular activity from which students can derive great benefit: new skills, new knowledge, a close relationship with faculty who are leading researchers. Students may also have a stronger Senior Thesis or refereed publications. All of these can give ARTU students an edge in graduate school or professional applications. This will come with a cost in time and effort. In addition to the summer research ARTU students do, they will have extra work during the school year. It should be fun, but students participating in ARTU must be prepared to go the extra mile!