Bio 200/500 Independent Research Mentor List

Welcome to the Bio 200/500 Mentor list.  Please click on a mentor to expand the field. 


Mary C. Dinauer, M.D., Ph.D. innate immunity, immunodeficiency, inflammation, hematology
Abhinav Diwan, MD, FACC, FAHA Lysosomes, Ischemia-reperfusion, cell death, autophagy, transcriptional regulation, metabolism
Ram Dixit, Ph.D. cytoskeleton, microtubules, molecular motors, optical molecular imaging, plant biology
Sergej Djuranovic, Ph.D. biochemistry, miRNA, RNA, Ribosome, translation, gene expression, translational control, cancer, malaria
Allan Doctor, M.D. blood flow, hypoxia, membrane proteins, nitric oxide, redox processes, vascular biology
Tamara L. Doering, M.D., Ph.D. gene regulation, host-pathogen interactions, biochemistry, microbial pathogenesis, pathogenic fungi, yeast, glycobiology, biosynthetic pathways, blood-brain barrier, host response
Joseph D. Dougherty, Ph.D. autism, gene expression profiling, genetics, genomics, mouse models, neurobiology
Susan K. Dutcher, Ph.D. cytoskeleton, cell cycle, signal transduction, centrioles, cilia
Christopher John Dy, M.D., MPH Hand and Wrist Surgery (Orthopedic), Nerve Injury
Gammon M. Earhart, Ph.D., P.T. adaptation, locomotion, Parkinson disease, motor control, movement, neurodegeneration, neuroimaging, neurorehabilitation
John R. Edwards, Ph.D. bioinformatics, cancer, cancer genomics, epigenetics, epigenomics, transcriptional regulation
Adam Eggebrecht, PhD Neurophotonics, Finite Element Modeling, NeuroDOT, optical neuroimaging, autism spectrum disorder, Parkinson’s disease, language processing, brain plasticity
Sarah England, Ph.D. women`s health, potassium channels, uterine, muscle excitability, pregnancy
Andrea Eveland, Ph.D. Inflorescence architecture, e.g. the number, length and angle of branches and flowers, is a primary determinant of yield, regulating seed number and harvesting ability.
Alex S. Evers, M.D. Anesthetics, photolabeling, mass spectrometry, proteomics
Roberta Faccio, Ph.D. arthritis, inflammation, cancer, bone metastases, osteoclasts
Anne Fagan, PhD Cerebrospinal fluid and plasma biomarkers of early stage Alzheimer’s Disease
Justin C. Fay, Ph.D. evolution, genetics, genomics, yeast
Todd A. Fehniger, M.D., Ph.D. cancer, cytokine, immunology, innate immunity, NK cells, small noncoding RNAs, immunotherapy, lymphoma, genomics
Thomas A. Ferguson, Ph.D. angiogenesis, apoptosis, autophagy, immunology, lymphocyte, tolerance, photoreceptors, vision