Bio 200/500 Independent Research Mentor List

Welcome to the Bio 200/500 Mentor list.  Please click on a mentor to expand the field. 

Alex S. Evers, M.D. Anesthetics, photolabeling, mass spectrometry, proteomics
Roberta Faccio, Ph.D. arthritis, inflammation, cancer, bone metastases, osteoclasts
Anne Fagan, PhD Cerebrospinal fluid and plasma biomarkers of early stage Alzheimer’s Disease
Justin C. Fay, Ph.D. evolution, genetics, genomics, yeast
Todd A. Fehniger, M.D., Ph.D. cancer, cytokine, immunology, innate immunity, NK cells, small noncoding RNAs, immunotherapy, lymphoma, genomics
Thomas A. Ferguson, Ph.D. angiogenesis, apoptosis, autophagy, immunology, lymphocyte, tolerance, photoreceptors, vision
David A. Fike, Ph.D. microbial biogeochemistry, stable isotope geochemistry, microbial mats, carbon cycling, sulfur cycling, Earth history
James Fleckenstein, M.D. enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli; microbial pathogenesis; vaccine development; diarrheal disease
Andria L. Ford, MD, MSCI cerebral oxygen metabolism, magnetic resonance imaging, Ischemia, perfusion, stroke, anemia
Daved H. Fremont, Ph.D. immunology, virology, structural biology, viral immune evasion, cytokine receptors, signaling, protein trafficking
Katherine C. Fuh, M.D., Ph.D. ovarian cancer, receptor tyrosine kinase signaling, metastasis, EMT, tumor microenvironment
Robert W. Gereau, Ph.D. pain, neurobiology, ion channel, synaptic transmission, signal transduction, optogenetics, electrophysiology
Daniel E. Goldberg, M.D., Ph.D. biochemistry, metabolism, parasitology, malaria, protease, heme
Misty Good, MD, MS Keywords: necrotizing enterocolitis, prematurity, intestine, immunology, neonatology, pediatrics, infants
Michael J. Greenberg, Ph.D. myosin, actin, single molecule, optical trapping, muscle, cardiac, stem cells, engineered tissue, molecular motors, mechanosensing, cytoskeleton
Obi L. Griffith, Ph.D. bioinformatics, clinical statistics, machine learning, biomarkers, cancer, sequencing, software, databases, genomics, personalized medicine
David H. Gutmann, M.D., Ph.D. brain cancer, brain development, iPSCs, neural stem cells, glia, genetically-engineered mouse models, learning and behavior, iPSCs, signal transduction, sexual dimorphism
Edward B. Han, Ph.D. "We study learning and memory using in vivo two photon calcium imaging, electrophysiology, and optogenetics on animals behaving in virtual reality environments."
Daniel F. Hanson, Ph.D. immunology, lymphocyte, cytokine, fever, infection
Charles A. Harris, M.D., Ph.D. stress, diabetes, obesity, steroids, CRISPR, glucocorticoids, nuclear hormone receptors, adipogenesis, adipocyte, fat