Bio 200/500 Independent Research Mentor List

Welcome to the Bio 200/500 Mentor list.  Please click on a mentor to expand the field. 

Petra Anne Levin, Ph.D. cell cycle, cytoskeleton, cell size, bacteriology
Amanda L. Lewis, Ph.D. bacterial pathogenesis, reproductive and perinatal infection
Daniel C. Link, M.D. genomics, hematopoiesis, microenvironment, MicroRNA, neutrophil, stem cells
Irfan J. Lodhi, Ph.D. Adipose tissue, brown fat, diabetes, obesity, cancer, lipogenesis, lipid metabolism, peroxisomes
Timothy M. Lohman, Ph.D. DNA recombination, DNA replication, fluorescence, molecular motors, single molecules, thermodynamics
Fanxin Long, Ph.D. mesenchymal stem cells, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, skeletal homeostasis and regeneration in vivo
Gregory D. Longmore, M.D. cell motility, cancer metastasis, cell adhesion, signal transduction
Jonathan Losos, Ph.D. Evolutionary Biology, Zoology, Environmental Studies
Liang Ma, Ph.D. Homeodomain Proteins in Epithelial Differentiation
Matthew R. MacEwan Ph.D. Neuroprosthetics, implantable electronics, neuroregeneration, tissue repair, neural interfacing, resorbable electronics
Susan Mackinnon, M.D. peripheral nerve surgery, nerve transplantation
Blair Madison, Ph. D. CRISPR/Cas, Piggybac DNA transposon, micro-RNAs (miRNAs), RNA-binding proteins, colon cancer, Let-7
Jeffrey Magee, M.D., Ph.D. Cancer biology, stem cell, hematopoiesis, leukemia, developmental biology **Trainees in the Magee lab will gain experience in mouse models of human blood cancers, hematopoietic stem cell biology, genomics and translational research.
Christopher Maher, Ph.D. non-coding RNAs, lncRNAs, cancer genomics, transcriptome, bioinformatics, computational biology, solid tumor malignancies
Scott A. Mangan, Ph.D. Plant-soil interactions, ecology of mycorrhizal fungi, tropical ecology, plant-animal interactions, species coexistence, ecosystem functioning
Garland R. Marshall, Ph.D. computational biology, molecular modeling, protein structure, ErbB receptors in oncology, GPCR/G-protein, signal transduction
Muhammad Faraz Masood, MD Endocarditis, heart failure, surgery, medicine, clinical
Gabriel Mbalaviele, Ph.D. Inflammation, Inflammasome, NLRP3, Bone, Skeleton, Cytokines
Jordan McCall, Ph.D. neurobiology, emotional dysregulation, high dimensional datasets
Steven J. Mennerick, Ph.D. neurobiology, synapse biology, receptor, ion channel, glutamate transmission, GABA transmission