Bio 200/500 Independent Research Mentor List

Welcome to the Bio 200/500 Mentor list.  Please click on a mentor to expand the field. 

Robert W. Mercer, Ph.D. cell membrane, development, Na K-ATPase, excitable tissue, cell volume
Gretchen A. Meyer, Ph.D. muscle physiology, cell biology, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine
Jeffrey Milbrandt, M.D., Ph.D. functional genomics, metabolism, mitochondria, diabetic neuropathy, neurodegeneration, transcriptional networks, Alzheimer’s disease, Schwann cell
Timothy Miller, M.D., Ph.D. neurodegenerative disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), translational neuroscience
Jeffrey H. Miner, Ph.D. cell adhesion, extracellular matrix, integrin biology, skin, kidney
Rob Mitra, Ph.D. DNA methylation, epigenetic code, Transcriptional networks that control vertebrate development
D.P. Mohapatra, Ph.D. chronic pain associated with metastatic bone cancers, pain-transducing ion channels, voltage-gated K⁺ channels, stroke-reperfusion injury, HIV-1 regulatory/surface proteins
Kelle H. Moley, M.D. autophagy, development, diabetes, germ cells, glucose transport, metabolism
Kelly R. Monk, Ph.D. glia, mouse models, multiple sclerosis, nerve regeneration, neurobiology, zebrafish
Tae Seok Moon, Ph.D. Synthetic Biology; Systems Biology; Metabolic Engineering; Protein Engineering; Genetic Circuits
Jose A. Moron-Concepcion, Ph.D. opioids, addiction, pain, molecular mechanisms, animal models
Michael M. Mueckler, Ph.D Molecular biology of mammalian glucose transporters
Erik Musiek Alzheimer’s Disease, Memory Disorder Clinic
Jonathan A. Myers, Ph.D. biodiversity; biogeography; community assembly; environmental change; forest dynamics; plant community ecology; plant functional ecology; species diversity; species interactions; tropical ecology
Indira U. Mysorekar, Ph.D. autophagy, host-pathogen interactions, infection, tissue regeneration, placenta, ZIKA virus, preterm birth, estrogen
Robert T. Naismith, M.D. multiple sclerosis, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), optic nerve, spinal cord
Jeanne M. Nerbonne, Ph.D. cardiovascular physiology, cell physiology, electrical remodeling, ion channels, neurophysiology
Rodney Newberry, M.D. Immunology, Gastrointestinal Tract, Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Colin G. Nichols, Ph.D. ion channel, neurobiology, functional genomics, cell signaling, kinetics
Kevin Noguchi, Ph.D. Neuropathology, neurodevelopment, apoptosis, anesthetics, sedatives, Zika virus.