Aaron Collins

Aaron Collins

Ass’t. Prof. Chem., Southern New Hampshire University

Aaron Collins is a 2010 Ph.D. graduate from the Washington University Department of Chemistry. Aaron's Ph.D. work focused on using optical spectroscopies and analytical biochemistry to determine the structural and functional properties of photosynthetic complexes from so-called green bacteria. He joined the Timlin group in 2010 to investigate the distribution of natural photosynthetic complexes in living cells and how the global architecture relates to function as part of the Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center (PARC). His other research interests include Raman and fluorescence microscopy investigations of health and productivity in biofuels-relevant algae.

 Research Interests

Hyperspectral confocal fluorescence microscopy

Global distribution of photosynthetic complexes in vivo

Carotenogenesis in algae


Algal physiology

Algal lipid production