Genome Sequencing of Photosynthetic Prokaryotes

Complete genome sequencing has been completed in our group for four photosynthetic prokaryotes, Heliobacterium modesticaldum, Roseobacter denitrificans, Rhodocista centenaria and Acaryochloris marina (Fig. 5). Finished genome sequences of these carefully selected organisms fills gaps in the available genomic data for photosynthetic prokaryotes and will help to understand the origin and early evolution of photosynthesis. Each organism also has individual characteristics that justify its inclusion in a genome-sequencing project, including agricultural applications and environmental aspects such as understanding global photosynthetic productivity. All of these genomes are now complete (9-12). Funding for sequencing of seven additional genomes of phototrophic bacteria has been obtained and the sequencing and annotation projects are underway.

Fig. 5 Genome map of Acaryochloris marina.