Carlson Lab

Dr. Bruce A. Carlson

Associate Professor

Bruce studies how brains process sensory information and control behavior, how and why brains evolve, and how behavior influences ecological interactions and evolutionary processes.

Erika Schumacher

PhD Rotation Student
Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology

Erika is developing methods for recording electric signaling during behavio

Adalee Lube

PhD Student

Adalee is studying spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) in midbrain electrosensory neurons and its role in modifying interval tuning.

Kimberley V. Sukhum

PhD Student
Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology

Kim is studying evolutionary change in brain size, its mechanistic basis, its energetic costs, and its adaptive significance.

Dr. Alejandro Vélez

Postdoctoral Associate

Alejandro is studying divergent and parallel evolution of sensory perception and its neural basis.

John Bisognano

Undergraduate Student

John helps keeps our fish happy and healthy.

James Li

Undergraduate Student

James helps keeps our fish happy and healthy.

Snigdha Srivastava

Undergraduate Student

Snigdha is performing comparative studies on electric communication behavior.

Jerry Shen

Undergraduate Student

Jerry is studying the structural basis for evolutionary change in brain siz