Carlson Lab

Dr. Bruce A. Carlson

Associate Professor

Bruce studies how brains process sensory information and control behavior, how and why brains evolve, and how behavior influences ecological interactions and evolutionary processes.

Erika Schumacher

PhD Student
Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology

Erika is studying the genomic and energetic basis of evolutionary changes in brain size and the relationship between brain size and communication behavior.

Adalee Lube

PhD Student

Adalee is studying spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) in midbrain electrosensory neurons and its role in modifying neuronal and behavioral responses to natural sensory stimuli.

Shelby Donald

Undergraduate Student

Shelby helps keep our fish happy and healthy.

Amelia Mitchell

Undergraduate Student

Amelia helps keep our fish happy and healthy.

Justin Fong

Undergraduate Student

Justin is performing behavioral experiments to test whether synaptic plasticity can induce changes in behavioral sensitivity.

James Li

Undergraduate Student

James is studying evolutionary change in midbrain anatomy.