CEDEC is administrated with the following organizational structure: Director, Research Associates (internal voting members), Research Affiliates (external, non-voting), Advisors (internal or external, non-voting), and Staff. The Director is selected based on recommendation of Research Associates in consultation with Department Chairs and Executive Committee.

The Center is governed collectivelly by the Research Associates. A Project Committee oversees the planning, budgeting and spending on CEDEC activities. The Project Committees is composed of the Directors (chair of the committee) and Research Associates; the Committee meets on need-basis to allocate research funds, decide current initiatives, judge proposals submitted by the faculty, evaluate collaborations with other research centers and seek external funding.


  - Professor Michele Boldrin

Associate Director

  - Professor George-Levi Gayle

Advisory Board

  - Nobel Laureate Edward Prescott (Arizona State University,Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)

  - Professor Robert Becker (Indiana University)

  - Dr. James Bullard (President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

  - Professor Kazuo Nishimura (Director of Center for Complex Dynamics, Kyoto University)

  - Professor Richard Rogerson (Princeton University)

Research Associate (Internal)

  - Professor Gaetano Antinolfi

  - Professor Costas Azariadis

  - Professor Michele Boldrin

  - Professor Steve Fazzari

  - Professor George-Levi Gayle

  - Professor Rodolfo Manuelli

  - Professor Yongseok Shin

  - Professor Ping Wang     

Research Affiliate (External)

  - Dr. Chris Waller (Senior Vice President and Research Director, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)


  - One Half-time Administrative Assistant: Jessica Cain

  - One Half-time Research Assistant (various graduate students)