Our Fellowship provides support for full-time study leading to the completion of the doctorate in most of Washington University's academic programs. Individuals interested in academic careers in the fields of Architecture, Art, Creative Writing, and Law (specifically Law School Teaching Fellowship) are also eligible. This competitive Fellowship package provides a full tuition scholarship plus a generous annual stipend and educational allowance for up to five years depending on your program.
The Chancellor's Graduate Fellows meet on a regular basis for the purpose of developing and sustaining a tightly knit community of scholars. Program activities include, but are not limited to, an annual conference, Fellows’ research presentations, social events, discussion meetings with faculty and guests on topics ranging from the research agenda of the discipline to realities of campus life for scholars, mentoring relationships with undergraduate students, and volunteer community service.
Since 1995 the Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship Program has hosted a conference for its current fellows and the university community.  With notable speakers drawn from throughout the academic disciplines and the realm of public intellectuals, the keynote address and subsequent afternoon panel have covered a wide array of thought-provoking and engaging topics including STEM research and education, the concept of a post-racial America, the future of American capitalism, and affirmative opportunity in the Barack Obama era. Keynote speakers have included Derrick A. Bell, Jr., Julian Bond, Michael Eric Dyson, Jennifer Eberhardt, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Lani Guinier, Mae Jemison, Patricia Hill Collins, and William Julius Wilson.  
We invite you to join us as we support the next generation of scholars!