2013 Spring Symposium

March 1, 2013

The spring research symposium took place March 1, during the Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship Program 2013 competition weekend.  Numerous current fellows, faculty and Washington University friends were in attendance along with this year's finalists.  Visitors enjoyed the opportunity to meet with and hear current fellows present their research, discuss life at Washington University, and witness the intellectual directions and colleagiality of the program.

Professor Rafia Zafar, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusiveness, and the Director of the Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship Program, will provide brief comments to frame the occasion.

The three presenters represented the wide array of interests and research that can be found at Washington University in St. Louis.

John Jimah, a second year student in the department of Microbiology in the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences, presented his research on "Structural investigations of /Pf/Rh5, a maleria vaccine target critical for P./falciparum/ invasion into erythrocytes."

Brittni Jones, in her third year in the department of Education, delivered a paper entitled, "'The Keys to Our Economic Success': Scientific Attainment and Biotechnology in Metropolitan St. Louis."

Tiffany Player is in the department of History and in her third year of graduate study.  She presented her research on "The Anti-Lynching Crusaders: Constructing a Public Politics of Slavery in the Generations after Emancipation."