Fall 2017 College Intensive Study Program Registration

This program, which is free of cost, is exclusively for first- and second-year students who have experienced academic setbacks. CISP is designed to help you:

  • Identify your strengths as a student, understand your motives, and address areas such as procrastination, anxiety, and study skills.
  • Build a community of mutual support and accountability with a small group of fellow students who are working through similar academic difficulties.
  • Work effectively with peer mentors and student support professionals.

CISP consists of the following components:

  • Weekly workshops and group meetings with other participants; meetings will be facilitated by a dedicated peer mentor or WU staff. Meeting days, times, and locations will be balanced with participants' schedules to the greatest extent possible. 
  • Short, written reflections on each week's experiences and prompts offered during workshops
  • Short readings as assigned
  • Group activities in and around St. Louis

In addition, participants will meet weekly with a Progress Counselor, a WU staff member who volunteers their time to help students stay on track towards academic success. 

CISP participants will be enrolled in a one-credit, pass/fail course that will appear on the transcript as "Independent Study."