Weekly Reflection

Week 14 of 16: Wednesday, April 19

The Weekly Reflection is available by midnight each Wednesday, due by midnight each Sunday. Results will be e-mailed to the address you provide.

Practicing the ASA Shift

1. Think of a challenge or difficulty you will be facing in the upcoming week. 

2. ACKNOWLEGE. What are you thinking, feeling? Try to identify your negative emotions and trace them back to the situation you are focused on. Identify your deficit-based thinking. Listen for thoughts about what you don't want, what you can't do, what isn't working, who or what you feel is working against you, what you stand to lose.

3. SCAN. Look for the opportunity. How could you benefit from tackling the situation head-on? Visualize the reward that could come from effectively dealing with the difficulty.

4. ACT. What is one step you can take toward realizing this benefit? What would enable you to take that step? What could get in the way, and what could you do to head that off?