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Linda Small, Clover Project Coordinator
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Below are some frequently asked questions and our responses:


Can I get my kit and supplies on a specific date?

A: Just send us an email and we will do our best to get the supplies to you in a reasonable timeframe. Keep in mind these kits are prepared by hand and the more you plan ahead, the easier it is for us to meet your request.

My shipment arrived, and the reagents were not refrigerated as instructed. What do I do?

A: The reagents were tested in the lab at room temperature for one week, with no effect on the results. You may also test your reagents by tearing off a small piece of Feigl-Anger paper and placing it over the top of one of the microcentrifuge tubes. Place 1 drop each of linamarin and linamarase to the microcentrifuge tube, cover with the paper, and snap the lid. Make sure the paper stays dry as you do this.  Allow some time (30-60 min.), and note the reaction. If the paper turns blue, then all is well!

I only need a refill of the reagents. Whom do I contact?

A: Please contact for any refill needs.

What is known about the variation in quantity of HCN produced in those plants that do have both compounds necessary for HCN production?

A: For plants that produce HCN, there are three basic sources of variation in the amount of cyanide produced:
1) Genetic variation at the two cyanogenesis genes (a plant that is a heterozygote will produce half as much of a given compound as a plant that is homozygous dominant).
2) Genetic variation in other genes that have small effects on the phenotypic variation (we don't know much about these other genes).
3) Genetic variation in environmental conditions. For example, a plant that has plenty of sunlight and water will photosynthesize more and will be able to make more of the cyanogenic glucosides than a less healthy plant.

Can I just request individual items from the kit, like the linamarin or linamarase?

A: No, currently we only offer full starter kits or refill kits.