Prof. Thomas E. Mallouk, 2019 Marcus Award Winner, visits our lab

Prof. Chistopher B. Murray, 2018 Marcus Award Winner, visits our lab

Professor Liangbing Hu visits our lab!

Prof. Jennifer Lewis, 2017 Marcus Award Winner, visits our lab

Celebrating end of Fall 2017 and brainstorming at Three Kings 

Shinjita and her uber cool SPECTRA Lightscape image

Yang's winning SPECTRA Lightscape image

Hanging out at the medical school for SPECTRA Lightscape

Halloween at WashU with our laser inscribed pumpkin 

Nobel Laureate William E. Moerner visits our lab

Fabricating so many electrodes - nicely done Yifan!

Yang, Amy, Julio, and Lucky's winning SPECTRA Lightscape image

Bowling champions! (these great minds dress alike)

Lab training - we love microscopy!

Link to the Chemistry Department's Home Page

2450 Keithley Sourcemeter with in-house fabricated 3D printed probe station