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Interested in a part time research assistantship or work-study opportunity in cognitive and brain imaging research? We are often looking for a motivated individual to help in the development and supervision of experiments investigating the cognitive neuroscience of memory. Duties include: managing basic laboratory tasks, writing experimental computer programs using MATLAB, scheduling and running subjects in behavioral studies, and aiding in the conduct of functional magnetic resonance imaging research. Previous programming experience is not necessary, as long as the applicant is familiar with computers in general. This job is a great opportunity to get exposure to all aspects of cognitive neuroscience research, from the initial conception of a hypothesis to journal publication. Applicants can also expect to gain valuable computer skills while working small lab atmosphere. Please contact Dr. Ian Dobbins ( to find out about laboratory positions.


Do you want to earn spare cash while helping us learn more about the cognitive neuroscience of memory? Dr. Ian Dobbins and Justin Cox are currently conducting a study examining how individuals make memory judgments. The study pays $10 per hour, and will take approximately 2 hours to complete. Please contact Justin Cox (j.cox(at) (314-935-8425) if you would like to find out more.