November 19, 2018

Application of 19 microsatellite DNA markers for parentage control in Borzoi dogs

In modern day, for identifying and recognizing parentage in dog breeds, microsatellite DNA markers are used. "Until recently, only one commercial panel of 10 microsatellite DNA markers (Applied Biosystems) was marketed, but it was not always effective in parentage identification (Ichikawa 2001, Padar 2002)" 

This test utilizes the 19 microsatellite markers found in Finnzymes Diagnostics to determine the polymorphism of DNA sequences to evaluate their usefulness for parentage analysis in Borzois. In Poland, due to lack of widespread breeding, control of parentage in borzois is poor and so these markers can be used to help outline what markers frequently appear in the breed.

Blood samples were drawn from a group of 28 Poland bred Borzoi dogs. These samples were tested using a kit known as “Canine Genotypes” made by the company Finnzyme Diagnostics. DNA was separated from blood samples and then denaturated* at increasingly lower temps for an increasing period of time. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)** products are obtained from this and analysed through an  "ABI 3130xl capillary sequencer". From here scientists were able to determine the dominance of certain alleles from their frequency as well as determine which locus parents tend to pass down by looking at parent borzoi's genotypes.

From these results, 3 to 8 alleles were identified for each locus and the frequency of these alleles was used to find polymorphic information content (PIC) and heterozygosity (H) values. All results except for locus INU005 had high values of polymorphism. From this probability of parental exclusion was calculated coming to about 0.999998, excluding amelogenin.


* Denaturation: The process in which protein, DNA in this case, is broken down in long, readable strands.

** PCR: A process which can make copies of certain sections of DNA.

*** Parentage Exclusion: A test done of samples, assumed to be unrelated, where identifying certain alleles make it possible to exclude some sires, making following borzoi parentage easier.

Radko, Anna & Slota, Ewa. (2009). Application of 19 microsatellite DNA markers for parentage control in Borzoi dogs. Polish journal of veterinary sciences. 12. 113-7. 

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Reviewed by Sydnie Dillon, 11/19/2018