Data Use Request

Limited, anonymized datasets are available, upon approval, to qualified researchers for analysis.  Users must agree to all terms and conditions as outlined below.


Who Can Obtain Access:

Investigators are expected to meet one of the following criteria to be qualified to receive access to Anonymized Data:
1. You are a Principal Investigator (PI) of scientific research at a university, a research organization (including commercial entities) or a government agency who is the leader of a laboratory or research team or who is working independently; or
2. You provide the name of the PI who is overseeing your research and is approved for access under #1.
3. If you do not meet either of the above criteria you may be considered qualified based on a track record of scientific publications or on the basis of a written reference from someone who meets qualification #1, verifying that the data will be used only for the purpose of legitimate scientific research.
Please indicate your request of data set(s) below.