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Gabby Izsak Year/Degree: 2003 / B.A.
Employer: Dept. of Geology; University of Georgia; Athens, GA
Title: Graduate Student
Kris Larson Year/Degree: 2003 / Ph.D.
Employer: Colorado Community College
Title: Instructor
Craig Ernest Leff Year/Degree: 1983 / M.A.
Employer: University of London
Title: Staff Engineer
Robert Harry Lewis Year/Degree: 1985 / M.A.
Employer: GE Astro Space, General Electric Company, Princeton, NJ
Title: Sr. Member, Technical Staff
Yang (Steve) Liu Year/Degree: 2013 / Ph.D.
Employer: Lunar and Planetary Institute
Title: Science Staff
Wei Luo Year/Degree: 1995 / Ph.D.
Employer: Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
Title: Professor
Kim Lichtenberg Maxwell Year/Degree: 2010 / Ph.D
Employer: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Title: Mission Operations Engineer
Gretchen Miller Year/Degree: 1997 / A.M.
Employer: SEI Environmental, Inc., Raleigh, NC
Title: Staff Geologist
Curt Niebur Year/Degree: 2001 / Ph.D.
Employer: NASA Headquarters
Title: Program Scientist
Shelley Bougan Petroy Year/Degree: 1991 / Ph.D.
Employer: Ball Aeropace
Title: Earth Science Mission Development
Jeffrey Jonathan Plaut Year/Degree: 1991 / Ph.D.
Employer: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA
Title: Mars Odyssey Project Scientist
Kathryn Powell Year/Degree: 2018/ Ph.D.
Employer: Northern Arizona University
Title: Postdoctoral Scholar
Marsha Ann Presley-Holloway Year/Degree: 1986 / M.A.
Employer: Arizona State University Mars Space Flight Facility
Title: Faculty Research Associate
Benoit Rivard Year/Degree: 1990 / Ph.D.
Employer: University of Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Title: Professor
Kim Seelos Year/Degree: 2006/ Ph.D.
Employer: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Title: Staff Scientist
Frank Seelos Year/Degree: 2005 / Ph.D.
Employer: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Title: Staff Scientist
Michael Shepard Year/Degree: 1994 / Ph.D.
Employer: Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA
Title: Professor
John William Strebeck Year/Degree: 1982 / M.A.
Employer: Defense Mapping Aerospace, Agency Center; St. Louis, MO
Title: Geodesist, retired
Jennifer Ward Year/Degree: 2005 / A.M.
Employer: Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences; Washington University; St. Louis, MO
Title: Mission Archivist
Sandra Wiseman Year/Degree: 2008/ Ph.D.
Employer: Brown University
Title: Senior Research Associate