Request a Pages User Account

Already have a site but want more folks to have access? This is where you can request an account be created for other staff in your private group or graduate students in your lab (as examples).

This is not a form for requesting a new Pages site. Request a new Pages site here.

Please fill this form out for each person for whom you are requesting an account. You will need their WUSTL Key username, so if you are requesting on behalf of someone else, please make sure to ask them for that information ahead of time.

Also make sure that they do not already have an account in Pages. If they already have an account, you (as a site administrator) can add them as members of your group.

Existing Pages Site Information
We will send an automatic e-mail to the site owner to make sure that they know we are creating this account.
This is the role we will assign to the new account in the Pages site specified. Not sure what role to choose? Check out the role definitions.
If this new account should be a member of more than one Pages site, please include that information here. Remember, site owners can always add existing accounts as members later!