Create a Photo Album

A photo album in Pages is a series of photographs that display as thumbnail (small) images on a page. When a photo is selected, it displays at full size with a set of forward and back arrows at the bottom and an area for a caption (if one is used). Here is an example.

You do not need to edit your pictures to be a certain size before uploading them unless they are used in a slide show on the home page. Slide shows look best if all images are the same size.

If you delete the album/article/person later, all the images attached to it are also deleted.

  1. Go to "Add content" and choose "Album."
  2. Give the Album a Title
  3. Tags are not required and should really only be used if you have many photo albums that need to be associated into groups that you will display in a List page.
  4. Add intro text if you wish.
  5. After adding an image, use the title field to provide a caption as well as a tool tip. Note: the maximum length for captions is 128 characters.
  6. Files must be less than 10 MB. Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg. Images must be between 192x120 and 660x660 pixels.
  7. Albums operate best when the number of photos in a single album does not exceed 50.

Note: A pages site can also contain a list of albums (a collection of collections of image). For example, you might have an album of multipl images from each study abroad student in your program. If you create a new list page and choose a list type of "albums", you can then add multiple albums to it. The first photo in each album will display as the "cover" image on the list page.