Getting Started

So you are the proud owner of a new account. You've received your login, followed the link to reset your password, and are presently staring at a blank home page.


Menu Mastery

A menu is a logical collection of links for navigating a web site. To add a menu item, you need to first create some content (e.g. a page or list).

Add a Slogan

The slogan in this site appears below the title and reads "Answers to Questions about Arts & Sciences Pages."

Add a Banner Image

The banner image is a full-width image near the top, just below the horizontal menu bar.

Add a Slide Show to the Home Page

If you are uploading an image that will be used as part of a slideshow on your home page, resizing and cropping the image before upload is very important.

Change your Color Scheme

The color for your site's header and horizontal menu are determined by the site theme option you have chosen. To change the site theme,

Create a Photo Album

A photo album in Pages is a series of photographs that display as thumbnail (small) images on a page.

Add a Logo

The logo is a small image that appears in the site banner to the left of your site name.