Intermediate Tips

Ready for the next level? Here are few intermediate-level tips for Pages users.

Edit Images for your Slideshow

If you are uploading an image that will be used as part of a slideshow on your home page, resizing and cropping the image before you upload it is very important. Slide shows really do look their best when the images are all the same size.

Apply Special Styles to Text

Arts & Sciences has pre-defined some styles that you can use through the WYSIWYG editor. These styles can be found in the styles dropdown at the top of text areas. Some styles like ‘button’ are specific to an element.

Working with Files

Before uploading any kind of file, make sure you have given it a good name.  File names should use only letters, dashes, underscores, and numbers – no special characters, no spaces, and no punctuation.  If you use a logical naming sys

Populate a People List

If your site is for a research group such as a lab, you may want to include a page that lists all the members of your organization.