Embed a Google Calendar

 Before you begin, your Google Calendar must be public.




  1. Click the down arrow to the right of the calendar you wish to embed and choose "Calendar Settings" from the list.
  2. Scroll down to the section called "Embed this Calendar."
  3. Copy the code from the box on the right (make sure you get all of it!).
  4. Go to your Pages site and create a new page. In the Body section of the page, click the "Source" tool.
  5. Paste in the code you copied from Google Calendar.
  6. Change the dimensions of the calendar so that it will fit within the dimaensions of a Pages site. The default size from Google is 600x800. In the example on the right, we changed height and width to 400 x 600 pixels. The calendar pictured below is 400x600.