Foray into Forums

Here is an example of a forum in Pages

If you requested a forum when you requested your Pages site, we will generally have already created the list page for you and put it in your menu. In this case, you can skip to Step #8.

  1. Click on "Add Content."
  2. Choose "List"
  3. Give your forum a title
  4. Choose "Articles: Forum" as the List type
  5. Add some introductory text (optional)
  6. If you want to create a menu link to your forum, slect the "Provide a menu link" check box.
  7. At the bottom of the List's Edit screen, click "Save."
  8. Create Articles: You will land on the page for your forum. To add articles, click the "Add article" button at the bottom of the page or go to "Add Content" and choose "Article."
  9. Choose Comment settings: By default, each article will have the comment settings set to "Closed." If you would like to allow people to comment on your forum posts, you will need to select comment settings from the tabs near the bottom of the article and change the setting from "Closed" to "Open." (see image below)







   10. At the bottom of the Article's Edit screen, click "Save."

Managing your forum:

To approve comments made on your site, you may browse to the forum (or any article containing unapproved comments) and click “approve”. You may also find a complete list of comments to approve on your "My content" page if any require approval.