Keep Revisions

Drupal allows content administrators to save multiple versions of a page. Only one version is the current version displayed to site visitors. This is usually the most recent copy, but administrators can revert to an earlier version of a page that they have saved. This is useful if you need multiple versions of a page for different times of the year or if you are making major changes that need to be approved.

To create a new copy of a page, click on the ‘Revision information’ vertical tab at the bottom of the edit form then check ‘Create new revision’. To help remember what distinguishes this version from others, you can add a version description in the log message box. This description will appear in the revisions list.

To revert to a previous version of a page, click the ‘Revisions’ link on the top right of the page. (Only pages with revisions will have this link.)




This will bring up a table listing all the revisions for that page. Click the ‘revert’ link on the version you would like to switch to.