Make it Private

A Private Site

Within Pages, a site may be private or public. We will ask you which setting you prefer when your site is created. You may change that later if you choose. When you change the visibility of your site, all content with that site that uses the default group visibility will be updated to match. (NEW!)

To make a site private:

  1. Go to your Home Page. hint: clicking the site's title bar will always take you back Home
  2. Click the "edit" button
  3. Under "Visibility," select the radio button in front of "Private"

A Private Page

Whether the site is private or public, an individual page has setting that can override that of the site's default setting. To make a page private:

  1. Edit the page
  2. Under "Visibility" select Private


A Private File

Any file that is uploaded into Pages goes to a file directory that is public. It does not matter whether you are linking to that file from a private page within a private site. The uploaded file will still be, technically, public. The only way a person would be able to find that file would be to know the exact path to it on the server, so the chances of it being discovered are slim. Nevertheless, if you have something that is top-secret (Exam keys, a draft of your uncopyrighted or unpatented work, the name of the next grand prize winner in the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes - but nothing like Social Security Numbers), there is only one method for including it in the site that will store it in a truly private location. It must be added as a "Managed File" with the visibility set as "Private."