I just got an e-mail that my site was created. Now what?

You've requested a site. We've sent you an e-mail letting you know that your site has been created. You will log into your new site with your Wustl Key. If you have trouble logging in but you can log into other Wustl Key enabled sites, you may need to change your password. If you haven't changed your Wustl Key password in the past year, you will almost certainly need to change it before you will be able to log into Pages.

My site is empty.

When we create an initial site, it's going to be empty unless you gave us the link to a pre-existing site that you would be moving into Pages. We'll create a home page with a site name, sometime a site slogan, and an initial color scheme (based on what you told us). Again, the home page will be empty unless there was a pre-existing site with content.

We will also create a few initial "lists" if you suggested in your request that you wanted them. (These are the checkboxes for requested features.) A blog for example is a list of articles. A list is a pre-formatted list of other content entered within a site that meets a certain set of criteria. In the blog example, the list displays "teasers" of each article that was individually entered into a site. Another example list might display all the members of a lab. This would be a people list of people who have been individually entered into the site.

A bibliographic-style list of publications copied from your CV is NOT a good candidate for a list page. While it is a list in the English sense of the word, you aren't entering each publication as an individual article.

View screenshots of the available list options.

Again, all these lists will be empty unless we had a previous site to pull example content from.

Gotta have a home page

You can't delete the home page. It actually defines your site within Pages. You can add content to it, and we highly suggest that you do!

The link in the menu to the home page can be removed from the menu or renamed though. (Perhaps you want 'Overview'.) Just hover over your menu, click the gear icon that appears, and choose "reorder menu items".

Note: the "reorder menu items" link is primarily for reordering your menu, but you can also use it to change the name of the home link or add links to sites outside of your pages site like your faculty page within your department.

To change the name of the home link, click "edit" next to Home, change the "menu link title", and click "save". To delete the link altogether, click "delete" next to Home.

There are these links in my menu....

If you want to use the lists (upcoming events, recent articles) in the initial site, just click the "add" buttons at the bottom of those pages. Make sure to remove any explanatory text that we added for your sake. :)

If you don't want to use the lists we provided, delete them. URL paths on the web must be unique, and if you already have a page in your menu with the URL "mysite/publications", you won't be able to use that URL for the new publication page you want to create. If the list is empty, you can always re-create it.

Note: if you delete content in your site, it is gone forever.

Add a page to the menu

The most common thing that our users do after they get a new site is add a page to the menu. To do this:

  1. Click "add content" in the gray shortcut bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click "Basic page"
  3. Fill out the form with a title (e.g. "About") and some body content. Don't repeat the title in the body - it will already display at the top of the page.
  4. At the bottom of the page under "Menu settings" click the checkbox "provide menu link." By default, the title in the menu will match the page title, but you can shorten it.
  5. Click "Save".

Transferring content from somewhere else

If you will be using images, PDFs, or other types of files, you will need to upload them into your Pages site using the file browser. The exception would be if you are linking to files hosted in a central repository like a publisher's website or Box.

You will also want to make sure to update any links you transfer to point to pages within your new Pages site, not the site that you are moving from.


I want more people to be able to edit/see my site.

Only members of your site who have been given an editing role can edit it, and if your site is private, only members of your site can view it. (Public sites are viewable by everyone.)

If someone already has a user account in Pages (and that list continues to grow), you can add them as a member of your site. You'll just need to know what their WUSTL Key username is. Having a WUSTL Key does not automatically mean that you have an account in Pages.

If someone does not already have an account in Pages, you (or they) can request a user account here.

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