Populate a People List

If your site is for a research group such as a lab, you may want to include a page that lists all the members of your organization.

Step 1: Create a List

  1. Click on "Add Content."
  2. Choose "List"
  3. Give your list a title
  4. Choose "People" as the List type. There are three layout options for lists of People. Choose the one that best suits you: (See thumbnails of how the different lists might look.)

  5. Add some introductory text (optional)
  6. If you want to create a menu link to your list of people, select the "Provide a menu link" check box.

Step 2: Add the People

  1. Click on "Add Content."
  2. Choose "Person."
  3. Fill in the required fields; First name and Last name.
  4. "Type" should only be used if you plan to create multiple lists of people. For instance, you may want a page that lists only students and another that lists only faculty. Other examples: "Current Members", "Past Members", "Graduate Students" To use the "Type" field, start typing a term and the field will generate matching suggestions if they exist. Make sure to select an existing term if possible. Then click "Add."
  5. Fill in any of the remaining fields on the "Create Person" page that apply.
  6. In most cases, one would not list a person in the menu. Instead, the list page (Step 1) would appear in the menu.