Use Special Characters (alpha, beta)

Instead of using images for characters like Greek letters, the easier (and more search-friendly) solution is to use HTML entities. For example, whenever you type an ampersand in the WYSIWYG, it is translated into the HTML entity code "&" These codes exist for many common symbols such as fractions, special punctuation marks such as em dash, non-English characters, and Greek letters. The following contain lists of supported symbols with their codes.

To use these characters in your content, you have two options:

  1. Copy the entity name text (e.g. "β" for β), disable rich-text in the body of your content by clicking the link below the textarea, paste the entity name into the textarea, and re-enable rich text
  2. OR You may carefully copy the symbol from the character column and paste it directly into your text. (Make sure to avoid selecting anything but the individual character!)