The conference "Frankenstein at 200" will take place on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. Please find below directions and lodging options.

Driving Directions to Washington University Danforth Campus

Coming from the airport (heading east on I-70)

  • Take I-70 east to I-170 south. Exit at Delmar Boulevard and take a left. Follow Delmar to Big Bend Boulevard. Go right (south) on Big Bend to Forsyth Boulevard, then left (east) on Forsyth. Turn left on Hoyt Drive.

Heading east on US40/I-64

  • Take McCausland exit. Turn left (north). After 1.2 miles, turn left on Forsyth Boulevard. Turn right on Hoyt Drive.

Heading west on US40/I-64

  • Take Clayton Road exit. Turn right (north) on Skinker. After 1 mile, turn left on Forsyth. Turn right on Hoyt Drive.

Heading east on I-44

  • Take I-270 north to US40/I-64 east. Follow directions for heading east on US40/I-64.

Heading north on I-55

  • Take I-270 north to US40/I-64 east. Follow directions for heading east on US40/I-64.

Heading south on I-70/I-55

  • Take US40/I-64 west. Follow directions for heading west on US40/I-64.

Parking on the Danforth Campus

  • All visitor parking is indicated on the parking map in purple. Visitors may also park in the yellow zones, provided they have a daily parking pass (‘yellow parking permit’). You can request a free parking pass for Friday as part of the registration process. (If you’re planning an extended stay in St. Louis, additional passes are available for $5.00/pass from the bookstore in Mallinckrodt Center.) NOTE: You do not need parking passes to park in Yellow Zone parking areas on Saturday and Sunday. On those days, you may park in both Yellow and Purple zones for free. There are also two parking garages. One garage is beneath the Danforth University Center (DUC), which is cash parking, and the other is near the Knight Center. This second garage (called “Parking Facility” on the map) is a yellow zone, and therefore is permit-only or daily parking pass-parking only. See the parking map for details on how to find the parking garage and the campus parking lots. Visit the Parking and Transportation website at: http://parking.wustl.edu/ for additional information about hourly, daily, and visitor lot parking. Should you have further questions, call: Parking Services: (314) 935-5601 or Transportation Services: (314) 935-4140.

From the Airport with no car to Danforth Campus

Ride the Metrolink

  • For $4.00 (2 hour pass from Lambert with transfer) you can take the light rail system from the airport to the Skinker stop located at Washington University. (Make certain you get your ticket stamped at the entrance way by the time stamp!) Take the elevator or stairs to street level. Walk across the parking lot to the foot of the Brookings Hall steps, where you will find a campus directory/map. (For more information from MetroLink about its services, please call: (314) 231-2345.) Note: When taking the Metrolink from Lambert Airport to Washington University, you will take the train from the airport to the Forest Park station, transfer to the westbound Shrewsbury line, and then get off at the Skinker stop (Washington University). When taking the Metrolink to Lambert Airport from Washington University, follow the reverse procedure.

Metrolink Station Map

Take a taxi

  • From the airport, take a taxi to Washington University’s Mallinckrodt Center, which is located on Forsyth Blvd. Cab fare from the airport cab stand is $30-$35 each way. (Note: Certain cab companies, such as Laclede, have guaranteed rates to/from the university campus and the airport, which they post inside the cabs. Please see their signs or ask the driver.) Should you wish to call a cab, local companies are: County-Yellow Cab (314) 993-8294 or Laclede Cab Co. (314) 652-3456.