Resources for the Alzheimer's Disease Knowledge Scale (ADKS)

The Alzheimer's Disease Knowledge Scale (ADKS) contains 30 true/false items to assess knowledge about Alzheimer's Disease. The scale is designed for use with students, health care professionals, and the general public. It takes approximately 5–10 min to complete, and questions address risk factors, assessment and diagnosis, symptoms, course, life impact, caregiving, and treatment and management. An analysis of the scale’s psychometric properties suggests it has adequate reliability (test – retest correlation = .81; internal consistency reliability = .71) and validity (content, predictive, concurrent, and convergent). Please use the links below for additional information.

Article in The Gerontologist describing the development and psychometric properties of the ADKS

ADKS with and without correct answers highlighted (pdf format)

ADKS with and without correct answers highlighted (Word format)

ADKS with correct answers and supporting citations

There is no fee if you plan to use the ADKS in research or applied work. However, please contact the scale author for permission and with any questions:

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