Student Testimonials...

“The Global MedPrep Scholars Program was amazing because the faculty members were really involved with us and each internship was one-of-a-kind. I got to see a really different side of medicine while working there, and the professors, Fudan-WUSTL liaisons, and internship coordinators were always looking for ways to help enhance our experience. At one of my internships at a psychological counseling center, we were running our own rhythmic exercises class. In spite of the language barrier, I was touched by the patients I worked with and had great relations with the employees at the center. The Global MedPrep Scholars Program not only allowed us to explore Shanghai, but the program also included trips for us to see Beijing and Nanjing, and even explore rural China! Everyone on Fudan University's campus was so welcoming; I even joined two different choirs during the semester. And at the start I didn't even speak any Chinese! overall, the Global MedPrep Scholars Program gave me a better universal understanding of medicine and enhanced my global perspective and appreciation of Chinese culture.”

Jaclyn Boozalis
Biology Major, Class of 2016


"The Global MedPrep Scholars Program allowed me to experience life and medicine in a completely different culture. We saw healthcare in China as it is practiced in a variety of domains, from community centers to big hospitals, through a balance of traditional Chinese and biomedical techniques. China itself is a vast yet populous and diverse nation. The program provided us with an abundance of opportunities to travel and sightsee. During internships, as well as in and outside of the classroom, we were encouraged to actively engage ourselves in communities and to form meaningful relationships with locals. China is a society that has undergone incredibly fast development in recent times. The Global MedPrep Scholars Program gave us a means to traverse that society and see a world very different but just as important as our own."

Tianrae Chue
Biology (Neuroscience) Major, Class of 2016

“The Global MedPrep Scholars Program was a defining experience; it gave me a platform to explore my passion for international health. We were immersed into the Chinese culture, inside and outside of the healthcare setting. With little background in Mandarin, I was forced to explore different forms of communication in everyday life. I was introduced to the history, and the complexities, of the Chinese healthcare system, and had the opportunity to observe alternative medical practices. As a senior, I took a risk by traveling abroad during one of my last two semesters at WashU. However, I came out of this semester more confident about pursuing a career in medicine and in my ability to do so. I encourage Pre-Med students of all ages to apply for this program if they have the chance.”

Margaret Crampton
Interdisciplinary Major in Urban Health, Class of 2015


"If you want to burst the 'WashU Bubble', studying in China is one way of going about it. I became more aware of what occurs in the world around me by immersing myself in medical internships, classroom-learning, numerous trips, and the bizarre conversations with strangers I met along the way. I have not only learned what it takes to be a compassionate physician but what it means to be a human being. As a result of this program, I am going to double major in Global Health and Neuroscience (fingers crossed)." 

Mohamed Gabir
Global Health and Biology (Neuroscience) Major, Class of  2017

"The Global MedPrep Scholars Program helped me develop as an individual. The experience provided me with a significant amount of freedom which allowed me to explore what it means to live on my own and evaluate how I fare outside of my comfort zone. After being placed in a completely foreign environment, I’ve become much more patient and capable of handling surprises both inside and outside of the classroom. Academically, because my Chinese classes were much less clear cut in comparison to my American classes, I’ve learned how to structure my own learning by integrating my life experiences into my coursework and independently pursuing information which isn’t always laid out in a syllabus. This is important because, well, life isn’t a classroom. Furthermore, my interpersonal skills have significantly benefited. Because my Chinese was rather limited, I frequently had to cross language barriers and explore new ways of communicating with others with a special emphasis on careful listening. After regularly dealing with people of vastly different backgrounds while in China, I’ve gained a new level of cultural competence which will no doubt help me interact with a broad range of people in my future. Additionally, my weekly internships at several health facilities have revealed to me what a difference access to quality health care can make. The financial incentives for becoming a physician in China are nominal, and speaking with doctors who, even after being overworked in stressful hospital environments, continued to remain dedicated to improving the lives of patients left a noticeable impression on me, helping reaffirm my choice of pursuing a combined M.D./Ph.D. after graduation."

Naveen Jain
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Major, Class of 2016

“The opportunity to study abroad as part of the Global MedPrep Scholar Program was nothing short of an eye opening and life changing experience. Interning at a variety of hospitals that encompassed different forms of care from Western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, a community health center, and a psychological counseling center allowed me to see first hand how culture and other social factors influence healthcare in China. Following physicians at these clinics and understanding what fuels their dedication towards the health of their patients has reaffirmed my passion to become a healthcare provider. Just as important, being immersed in a rich Chinese culture allowed me to understand the importance for not just doctors, but people to connect to others on a cultural level. I highly encourage anyone interested in medicine and global health to apply for this program.”

Jason Kunisaki
Biology Major, Class of 2017

“Deciding to apply for the Global MedPrep Scholars Program was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Studying and living for a full semester in China allowed for complete cultural immersion that became an intense and rewarding experience. I approached this program and with an open heart and ultimately came to understand healthcare from a new perspective. Each person I met, from the elderly lady selling yams on the street corner to the young children undergoing chemotherapy reminded me daily of why I want to become a healthcare professional. For me, this study abroad program was not entirely about gaining experience in the field of healthcare but it was rather an opportunity for me to really question myself and my motivations for choosing to be prehealth. I came out of this program with a sense of respect and understanding for different cultures and a stronger motivation to pursue a career in the health sciences."

Ying-Chiang (Jeffrey) Lee
Biology Major, Class of 2015


"The Global MedPrep Scholars Program was truly one of the most eye-opening experiences I've had in college. It made me look at health and medicine from more of an international and cultural standpoint. From courses on the history of China's healthcare system to getting acupuncture at one of my weekly site-clinic internships, I was able to discover how vast the field of medicine is on a global scale. Anyone interested in exploring international healthcare, learning about alternative medical practices (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and immersing oneself in Chinese culture should definitely consider applying."

Jenny Liu
Biology (Neuroscience) Major,  Class of 2016


"The Global MedPrep Scholar's Program was a fantastic experience. The clinical exposure and chance to interact with patients was unique and rewarding. You truly immerse yourself in Chinese culture (in terms of learning the language, getting around, seeing and interacting with the people), and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Albert Mo
Biology Major, Class of 2016


“I feel extremely lucky that I was able to spend a semester studying in Shanghai as part of the GMPS program. As a pre-med majoring in Biology, I appreciated how the classes at Fudan University allowed me to take a step back from the hard sciences and look at healthcare from the perspective of a medical anthropologist. My internship experiences at various Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinics brought the classroom lessons alive.  I even wrote an illness narrative about a local disabled young woman whom I befriended as part of my final project. However, the best part of this program was acquiring an exciting home away from home in China. Before arriving, I was apprehensive about my ability to adjust to life in China, but I ended up doing fine. In fact, my captivating experiences exploring, learning the language and meeting people from all walks of life in Shanghai, Beijing and Guizhou have convinced me to pursue a minor in Chinese Language and Culture!”

Ron Nwumeh
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Major, Class of 2016

“The Global MedPrep Scholars Program was an incredible experience.  It provided me an opportunity to immerse myself in another culture and really explore the Chinese healthcare system.  Even as a senior, I would strongly recommend this program to any student interested in broadening their perspective on healthcare systems throughout the world.”  

Nilesh Patel
Global Health and the Environment Major, Class of 2015

"Shanghai offered me a unique opportunity to explore East Asian culture, both historical and modern. Reading about it in the States was one thing, but to experience it firsthand was another. I met with a Daoist Master to talk about Daoism and spirituality, I drank tea and meditated with a student of the I-Jing, and I practiced Tai Chi under a wise instructor. Studying in Shanghai offered me a new perspective that came with being immersed in the culture. It was more than anything I had expected."

Tyler Reed
Religious Studies and Psychology Major, Class of 2017

“My time in China made me realize the immense impact that culture has on my daily interpretation of life events and on the decisions I make. I discovered that medical and philosophical beliefs, values, and ethics that were generally agreed upon in America were not widely embraced by the Chinese culture, and in some cases, were even considered to be a cultural stigma. I am fortunate to have lived and worked a new international perspective for four months, and I am certain my semester in China will influence me as a pre-med student at WUSTL. When I discuss a topic in class or with friends, I will now consider issues from a multicultural viewpoint rather than an ethnocentric one. My Shanghai experience will help me be a more empathetic, respectful, and understanding physician when treating patients from different cultures, too. I now feel much more confident when it comes to working as a team with medical professionals and patients from various backgrounds.”

Tanner Roach
Biology Major, Class of 2017

“The Global MedPrep Scholars Program has been the most exciting experience of my undergraduate education as a pre-medical student at Wash. U. The opportunity to learn Mandarin and explore the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai is unlike any other pre-med study abroad program in the country. From learning about the physician-patient relationship in China and examining the disparities in rural and urban healthcare settings, I returned from Shanghai with a fresh, new perspective of eastern healthcare systems. The program has provided me with exceptional insight into further discovering my passions in global health.”

Lena Trager
Classics Major, Class of 2016