December 18, 2015

Let's talk about Science Communication with the Haswell Lab

2016-in-review for the Biologue
Let’s Talk about Science Communication with the Haswell Lab So far, 2015 has been a good year for traditional science communication by the Haswell Lab—we published a primary research article in Science, and opinion/review articles in Plant Cell, Annual Reviews, and Journal of General Physiology. Over the last year we’ve started using additional mechanisms to communicate our research to other scientists and to the public (not to mention our friends and families!). 1) A Force of Nature: The Haswell Lab Blog ( made its debut in March. Posts cover a wide range of topics, including our research, life in Saint Louis, stress management, and Eric’s AAAS Mass Media Fellowship at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel this summer. Undergraduate Josephine Lee even wrote a post as part of her American Society of Plant Biology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. 2) The Haswell Lab You Tube Channel ( now features several videos featuring lab members and our research. Check out the 2-minute whiteboard video animated by Liz and narrated by Eric! This video, “Mechanosensitive Channel MSL8 Regulates Osmotic Forces During Pollen Hydration and Germination”, illustrates the main points of a paper, but is aimed at a general audience ( Liz is also featured (gulp!) in a video about scientific curiosity produced by Merck KgaA for their #questiontogether campaign. 3) Liz tweets ( about news and issues in biological research. Though she is definitely still getting the hang of Twitter, she’s found it to be a fascinating venue for sharing research and ideas, and for keeping tabs on the latest and greatest in her field. In other news, this past year we said fond farewells to Kira Veley (now a postdoc in Becky Bart’s lab at Donald Danforth Plant Sciences) and Emma January (now probably running the entire show at Benson Hill Biosystems). New postdoctoral fellow Debarati Basu and research technician Ryan Richardson are doing a great job of filling their shoes!