May 27, 2018


22 - 23 May 2018

Decades after nearly all of Krakow’s Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, the Jewish Community Center (JCC) Krakow is one organization pioneering Jewish revival in the city. We were lucky enough to sit down with two leaders of the JCC Krakow to hear what they had to say about topics such as the history of Jews in Krakow, the Krakow Jewish revival, and current antisemitism. Also included in the video are footage and images that our group found relevant as key examples of Krakow’s rich Jewish past and contemporary Jewish revival. If you are interested in watching more of the interview, there are links available on the blog to clips separated by topic.

Amid reports of rising antisemitism in Poland, we had the chance to hear the thoughts of two JCC Krakow leaders on the Jewish experience in their city. Rather than dwell on negative current events, they discuss Krakow's rich Jewish history and the efforts both Jews and non-Jews to revive the culture. A summary of our visit to Krakow and the interview is available here.

In addition, we recommend the following excerpts from interviews on particular themes:

Modern Antisemitism in Krakow

Krakow Post-Communism Era and Jewish Revival

JCC Krakow on Religious Diversity

A Story of  Polish-Jewish Discovery

Krakow Jews in Local Media


Group 3: Melanie De Lisa, Nicci Mowszowski, Abby Rodler