Michelle Harri s

Michelle Harri s

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Educational Background



Michelle received her B.S. in Integrative Biology (Honors Concentration) with a minor in Physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in 2009. She joined the Holten lab in 2009 and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Chemistry.

Research Interests



Michelle Harris studied the directionality of electron transfer down the normally active and inactive branches of the photosysnthetic reaction center with a bactriochlorophyll-bacteriopheophytin heterodimer, in place of the native bacteriochlorophyll dimer. 

Currently, she is interested in energy transfer in biohybrid light-harvesting complexes. The biohybrid complexes have bacterial photosynthetic antenna peptide analogs carrying designer synthetic chromophores (synthesized by the Lindsey lab at NCSU) that self assemble with each other and native bacteriochlorophyll a to form biohybrid antennas with enhanced solar energy capture and high energy-transfer efficiencies.




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