What's New?

A list of the latest enhancements to department websites

August 13, 2018

Theme Updates for 8/13/2018

  • A nested menu item will now display without any changes being made to the parent menu item.
  • List view of People stays aligned even when an email address is very long
  • Choosing a category on the resource page no longer pops you back up to the top of the page.
  • Accessibility Improvements
July 23, 2018

Theme Updates for 7/23/2018

  • FAQ pages will now print as though the individual FAQs were all expanded (without the user actually expanding them).
  • Web Forms 
    • display a line (or box) around a fieldset, when a fieldset is used
    • can use re-captcha to reduce spam on web forms (more documentation to come)
  • Subscribe to Calendar is now an option. Visitors can click a button on the events landing page to set their default calendar up to receive a feed of your calendar events that updates automatically (more documentation to come)
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Bug fixes

July 16, 2018

Theme Updates for 7/16/2018

  • Courses now displays the names of all instructors, when there are multiple instructors for a course.
  • Apply Today link in main menu now opens in a new tab
  • Person content type no longer has a "Faculty/Staff" toggle at the top when editing.
  • Multipurpose Page enhancements to mobile view
  • Accessibility Enhancements


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