Accessing Form Results

Option 1: Have form submissions sent to you by email.

You can set up the form to automatically e-mail a certain address every time someone submits the form. This is good for forms that require a relatively quick response or that exist for a very long time (e.g. Computing’s “Classroom Request” form).

Option 2: Log into the website to retreive form submissions.

  1. Click on Find Content
  2. Click the Webforms tab on the upper-right
  3. To view the submissions in your browser, click Submissions next to the appropriate form -or- to download the results to Excel, click Download.

For surveys or RSVP forms (forms with a set end date), using the Results tab may be more practical. (See image below.)

Every time someone submits a webform, a new record is created in the results. You can see a list containing the date and time of each submission. You can also view the results of each submission individually by clicking ‘view’ in the Submissions list. Alternatively, you can view a table of all responses by clicking ‘Table’. (This is only practical in forms with a small number of fields.)

You may also export your results to Excel by clicking ‘Download.’ We recommend that you download form results to Excel to store a copy and then clear the form results in Drupal at least once per year to keep the number manageable.