Email your Form Submissions

  1. Log into the site, go to Find Content->Webform tab to find the webform, and click on Edit
  2. At the top of the window, you'll see tabs "View", "Edit", Webform", and "Results." Click on Webform.
  3. Click the grey E-mails button to add or edit the email addresses the form submissions will be sent to. Having the form email automatically is an option. The submission results are available to check under the results tab.
  4. Scroll down and save your changes.

Conditional Recipients

You can send submissions to different e-mail addresses based what value a submitter chose in a select field.

Let's say you are a department that has one contact person for admission questions, another for programs, and finally someone who receives general questions. To automatically route form submissions to the correct individual:

  1. Create a required select option form component called something like "subject".
  2. Add the 3 areas as options.
  3. Customize the option keys to be the e-mail addresses of the 3 individuals. Note: the keys must be unique, so the same e-mail cannot be used more than once! Click on Manual entry in the lower right corner of the Options box (see image)
  4. Type the email addresses followed by a pipe (vertical line symbol) | and then the option (see image below). The key for each option must be unique and should only contain alphanumeric characters - no spaces or special characters. (@ is an exception.) For simplicity, do not use capital letters.
  5. Save the component
  6. In the e-mail settings, choose the "subject" component as the "e-mail to" value.