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Image Sizes

Below are the minimum sizes for images. 


Header Image: 1366 x 548 pixels

Thumbnail: 600 x 600 pixels


Use articles for time-sensitive content like news, press releases or blog posts. 

Articles have the following fields and options available:

Creating Accessible Content

Drupal version 7, the Content Management System behind all websites in Arts & Sciences, was designed for accessibility. The Drupal community has committed to ensuring that all features of Drupal core conform with the 

Home Page

On department sites, the home page options are very similar to those in the Multipurpose Page. There are a variety of optional content sections to choose from. 

Conditional Fields

You can display fields, pages, and fieldsets conditionally based on the values that someone filled out on th

Multipurpose Page - Title

Title is required and displays on the top of the page.  The title determines the URL of the page (if left to use the default automatic alias).