Books display in 2 locations:

  1. Above the footer on a Person page that has the "Long" format chosen (usually for faculty) when that person is tagged on the Book page. If multiple books are tagged with the same person, the books will display in a rotating slideshow.
  2. In the Faculty Bookshelf, which is an optional section on a multipurpose page. Not every site will use this feature as it requires a minimum number of books (around 6, depending on cover image sizes used) and not all departments have that many.


*The Book content type is used in every site except U College

Creating a new book

  1. Go to Add Content and select Book
  2. Title:  Fill in the tItle of the book
  3. Byline Options: Select the appropriate option for the By line. The options are
    1. By
    2. Edited by
    3. Translated by
  4. Faculty and Staff: Begin typing the name of a faculty member for whom a profile ("Person" content type) has been created in your site. A list of names will appear in a drop-down below the field from which you can select the author of the book. To add a second author, type a comma and add the second person's name in the same way.
  5. Book Cover: Upload an image of the book cover
    Files must be less than 8 MB.
    Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
    Images must be larger than 200x450 pixels.
  6. Description: Fill in descriptive information
  7. Links: Add links to the publisher's website. You can create multiple links if there is other associated material such as a book website or related volume.