Use articles for time-sensitive content like news, press releases or blog posts. 

Articles have the following fields and options available:

Title (required)
This is the title of the Article. It will determine the URL (unless you manually change the URL path setting) will display in large font at the top of the page.

Feature on News Landing Page
Click to feature this article on the news landing page slideshow.

Feature on Home Page
Click to feature this article on the home page slideshow.

There is no cap on the number of articles that can be featured. To manage this, navigate to the news landing page (or home page) and if there are more than you would like, just manually click on that article and uncheck the featured button.

Header Image

Optionally choose a background image to display beneath the title and date at the top of the article.

Reverse Header
An option to change the background color from the default (either dark or light, depending on your site) to its opposite (light or dark).

A full wysiwyg toolbar for adding text, lists, images, video, links, and more. Learn more about the wysiwyg toolbar here.

If you chose taxonomy terms (tags) for your articles, these will be listed for you to select the appropriate tag(s) for this article.

Intro Text
Text in this field will display at the top of the article in large italics font for visual impact. We recommend keeping this to just one or two sentences to grab the reader's attention.

Link Thumbnail (highly recommended, but not required)
This image will display on any page the article is listed as a thumbnail. Examples of this are the "grid" version of the News landing page, the "News & Events" Spotlight in a Multipurpose page (also available in the lower part of the Home page), or the Featured News section in the lower part of the Home page (not the slideshow).

Teaser Text
This content displays only when the article is displayed on pages other than the detail page. Please keep under 120 characters.

This name will appear in a "by" line in the header of the page

Faculty and Staff
Use this field to link the article to any faculty or staff with whom it is associated. The article will appear in the lower section of the person's profile page, if the profile is set to "Long."

Direct Link
Use this field to paste int he URL of an article that you are including form a non-Arts & Sciences website or a site that does not participate in our content-sharing.

Footer Callout

When creating an article, you have the option of adding a callout box just above the footer. This can be used to create a call to action for the visitor, such as "sign up for our newsletter" or "donate" or it can be used to direct visitors to other content that may be of interest.

For Graduate School only:
If a footer callout is specified on the "News" landing page, that will be the default footer callout on every article in the site. You can still specify a different footer callout on a specific article, if you wish.

Adding a word to this field will affect the internal site search results. Learn more about this field here



  1. Change the text format for the "SoundCloud" field to "<iframe>"
  • Go to SoundCloud and choose "share" on the recording you wish to include.
  • Select the tab for "Embed" and copy the embed code.
  • Go back to the article you are creating and paste the copied code into the SoundCloud field.
  • Save