General Tips from Almanac

WYSIWYGs : NEVER copy and paste content, instead use option to “Paste as plain text”.

SEO best practices: ALWAYS determine focus keyword, SEO title, slug, and meta description.

Slugs: these are auto-generated based on the page name, so if you ever change the page name, be sure the slug always matches the page, and that any links to this page are updated accordingly or a redirect is in place.

Accessibility: make sure every photo used on the site has a consistent alt text, this also helps with SEO.

Media file naming: all media files (PDFs, images, documents, etc) should not have spaces in the file name. A “%20” will show for each space if you do.

Individual news posts: If no footer callout is designated within the post, then the default footer callout from the news landing page will show. (ex: “Deadline to order regalia”)

Academic resources: Order happens by date published (most recent first)

Webform: To edit the submission recipient, go to ‘Find Content’, sort by webform, click edit next to the form you'd like to edit. Click on the "webform" tab on the right. Click on "E-mails" on the right. Add an email address.

Person template: Every person, regardless of who they are, has to be marked as “staff” in order to show up on front end.

Media folders: Provide these to Marcia + team prior to uploading images to the site, that way the files paths of images don’t have to change.

Redirects: Share these with Marcia + team so they can have them in place prior to launch.