Using the Media Browser

Creating new Media Folders

Media folders are created when your site is new. If you need a folder later on, contact Marcia Mannen or Amy Baker from the A&S Web Team.

Organizing Images and Documents in Media Folders

Make sure you organize your images and documents before you link to them within your website. Once you have linked to an image in a page, it is not a good idea to move that image into a different media folder. Moving an image that is already in use, will break the link to the image.

Adding new Files

  1. Go to "Find Content," and click the "Files" tab.

  1. Near the top, click on "+ Add File."

  1. Drag as many files into the window as desired.
  2. Click "Start Upload." You'll see progress bars for each image/file.
  3. Near the bottom of the window, choose which folder you would like the files to go into.
  4. Click Next.