WYSIWYG - Adding Inline Images in Gateway sites

Step 1

To add an image, click on the image icon within the WYSIWYG toolbar.

Step 2

A small "Image Properties" window will open. Click on "Browse Server" to select an image or upload a new one.

Step 3

Existing images are organized into folders in the left column. To request new folders, contact Sean Garcia or Marcia Mannen. 
Select an existing image or upload a new one using the Upload button on the upper left. With the desired image selected, click "Insert File" or hit the return/enter key on your keyboard.

Step 4

In the Image Propeerties window,

  1. Add alternative text that describes the purpose of the image for visually impaired visitors.
  2. Select the alignment
  3. Optionally, select captioned image. You will be able to enter the caption text after clicking "OK".
  4. Click OK