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Multipurpose Page - Introduction

This is the large area below the title with room for a headline and brief description.  It can have a background photo with or without an ampersand watermark.  

Academic Calendar Event

Use this to create events for the academic calendar.

Of special note; the arrow button to browse through future events doesn't show up until there are events for the following semester available.

Liberman Center

This content type is only available on the Graduate School site. 

Multipurpose Page - Anchor Links

The anchor links are displayed horizontally directly below the introduction section.  When you click on an anchor link, it will take you directly to the specified section of the current page.  These are very useful if you have a very long page, si

Application Links

Application Links is a content type used on the University College and Graduate School sites.


A testimonial displays an image on the left and a short quote on the right. 

Multipurpose Page - Main Content and Sidebar

This region is split between a main content area with a WYSIWYG toolbar and a right sidebar.  The right sidebar is optional.  If you use it, its background will be light grey and have an ampersand watermark.  It has options for a sidebar title, sl

Dotted Line

This section of a multipurpose page can be used to show relationships or to demonstrate sub-sections of a department. Some examples are provided below.