Webform field placement

By default, each field in a form will go the full-width of the page. If you want certain fields to be shorter and next to each other (rather than above/below), do this:

Meta Tags


- All pages will default to a specified token, so if you don't manually add a page title, description, canonical url, or shortlink, it will auto-generate those for you, which is great and I would recommend for a site this size to kee

Menu Management

Adding content to the menu

To add content to the menu, scroll to the bottom of the edit form and check "Provide a menu link" under the menu settings tab at the bottom of the edit form.

Using YouTube Videos

To use a YouTube video, you must use the "embed" version of the video's url.  These come in the format "", where AAAA is replaced by the video's unique code.  The easiest way to find this link is to click on the "

Linking to a filtered view

All URLs should be the page slug plus the category ids (comma separated). See below for examples.


WYSIWYG - Text Styles/Formatting

We strongly recommend not copy/pasting formatted text in from a Word or Office document.  There is no guarantee that the formatting will copy over correctly.

WYSIWYG - Creating Links

When copy/pasting links from Word, you'll need to paste information into a plain text file before pasting into the WYSIWYG, and then manually add the links once it is in the WYSIWYG.  (Pasting into a plain text editor eliminates styling and links.