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Manually Update the Content Feed

Feeds will update to show new content every day at 6am and 6pm. If you want to manually refresh them sooner than that, follow these instructions:

Filtering Shared Content

You have the ability to search for content that has been shared by other groups using the filter at the top of the Shared Content page. 

Content Sharing Settings

  • You can turn sharing on or off at the bottom of an individual piece of content in the admin settings titled “Shared content settings”; there is a checkbox titled “Shareable”.
  • You can turn on a notification for a site at the bottom of

Person Shared Content

Some fields in the Person content type are slightly different from site to site. Here are some lists to help understand what is in each site. This list will need to be expanded, eventually


How to add an RSVP form to an event

It's important to create a new RSVP form for each event rather than just re-use a generic one. Something in the form should indicate which event the visitor is responding to.

Gateway Site Content Type Comparison

The Gateway sites have some things in common with each other (and with Department sites) but each has its own unique content types as well. Here's a table to sort them all out.


Tableau is a content type used only on the Graduate School site.

Majors & Minors

Majors & Minors is content type used only on the Artsci site.