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Multipurpose Page - Gallery

The gallery region has a WYSIWYG area for intro text and a title. Each image has options for an image title, image lightbox title, and an image lightbox description. The optional image title appears in white over the image.

Multipurpose Page - Testimonials

This section is for testimonials. It displays a picture on the left and quote on the right. Available testimonial content can be selected from a list.  Select exactly one testimonial.

Multipurpose Page - Footer Callout

This region has a WYSIWYG main content section. You can choose between a grey or white background. The grey background has an ampersand watermark. You can also add social media links and a button with text.

Manually Update the Content Feed

Feeds will update to show new content every day at 6am and 6pm. If you want to manually refresh them sooner than that, follow these instructions:

Importing Shared Content

Basic Steps

  1. Click the Shared Content link in your black admin toolbar.
  2. Update the feeds to get the most recently-shared content by clicking Update Feeds.
  3. Select the box in front of any content you wis

How to add an RSVP form to an event

It's important to create a new RSVP form for each event rather than just re-use a generic one. Something in the form should indicate which event the visitor is responding to.

Gateway Site Content Type Comparison

The Gateway sites have some things in common with each other (and with Department sites) but each has its own unique content types as well. Here's a table to sort them all out.